Extension Activities

Responsible Decision Making | Grades 4-5

Learning Goal 1: Considers ethical standards, social and community norms and safety concerns in making decisions.

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Benchmark 1: Contribute to school safety by supporting classroom, lunchroom, and playground shared norms and rules.

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Take it further — integrate!

Work with students to create and enforce simple, positively stated, shared classroom and school community norms.

Benchmark 2: Identify ways certain decisions or choices effect short- and long- term goals.

Take it further — integrate!

Use a decision-making formula (e.g., stop and calm down, identify the decision to be made, identify the options, research the consequences of each option, choose what’s best for you, try it out, and reflect on how well the decision worked).

Benchmark 3: Identify positive and negative consequences of decisions for oneself and others.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Consider the prompt “If I (the student) were the co-author of the rules/codes of conduct, what, if anything, would I change in the rules?”

  • Ask students to write a response to a journal prompt, or create an art project that shows a decision and the positive and negative consequences for self and others. Have students share in small groups.