Green- Schools

The Green Schools initiative is an international programme for schools that promotes environmental accountability and sustainability through an award scheme. It is designed to encourage and reward the development of sustainable environmental management systems that involve the entire school community.

The aim of the programme is to educate pupils, teachers and parents on environmental issues, increasing their awareness of difficulties and problems and encouraging them to become active participants in the solutions to these problems within their own schools. Everyone has a role to play and students are helped to participate in the decision making process through a ‘Green Schools Committee’.

Schools who achieve certain goals and targets are awarded a ‘Green Flag’.

We were awarded our first Green-Schools flag for Litter and Waste in 2016.

This year we continue to work towards achieving the second flag for Energy.

Low Energy Day

25th January 2019

As part of our Greens School Campaign on saving energy we held an Action Day on Friday the 25th January. We decided on an Electricity Free Day to make us all more aware of how much we take it for granted. All children wore green clothing to school to highlight the importance of looking after the environment. Children took part in an energy quiz, completed artwork based around the theme of energy and had a day free from the interactive whiteboard and other devices.

Pedal Energy Workshop

7th December 2018

SEAI Student Workshop

Students from First class to Sixth class enjoyed participating in workshops which explored the topic of energy and sustainability in a fun and engaging way.