5 Year Strategic Plan 2019-2024


To serve the unique learning needs of each and every student.


The Saydel Community School District will have an uncompromising commitment to quality education and high expectations for student achievement.

We will be a district:

-Providing the courses of study, environment and resources for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to become responsible and productive citizens in the 21st century.

-Preparing students to live quality lives by graduating, pursuing post secondary education or to successfully enter the workforce.

-Empower students to take ownership of their future.

Board Goals:

1. Improve Student achievement

2. Enhance culture, image, and relationships

3. Maximize the use of resources

4. Demonstrate innovation

Executive Summary

The Saydel Strategic Plan Targeted Strategies coherently outlines humanistic and system expectations that serve as organizational leverage points for comprehensive school improvement efforts across our schools; thus preparing learners for the complex world and workplace of “today and tomorrow.”

Targeted Strategies:

1. Culture of Excellence

2. Collaborative Partnerships and Relationships

3. High Quality Teaching and Learning

Organizational Architects:

Collectively we: build, fortify, and sustain aligned organizational attributes by building collective efficacy, a culture of excellence, strong relational capacity and regularly communicating and monitoring coherent targets and objectives. This collaborative work is supported by foundational leverage points, to ensure success occurs for all; hence resulting in increased achievement.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Glossary
  2. Saydel CSD Report Card