Gilmanton School Technology

By Anna C

Current News:

Third graders complete their trifold Thomas E. Brunell Trail Maps!

Connor Cameron - Trail Map and Guide
Mia Macaione - Trail Map and Guide

More News: Technology Enrichment/Elective Classes Begin!

Students in grades K-2 and 3-5 began their first session of our brand new, trial run of a Technology Enrichment Class. In these grades, students have the opportunity to spend an extended time learning more about coding through lessons, Scratch, or Swift Playgrounds.

Our Grades 6-8 Technology Elective begins next Friday due to SEADS. Students in these grade levels have the opportunity to extend their technology experience in one of two areas:

  1. Coding/Computer Programming: This will take place through their choice of program including Swift Playgrounds, Python (Code Academy), or AppLab, GameLab, and WebLab ( Students will receive additional instruction as needed, however, this time will predominantly be self-paced through online tutorials and lessons.
  2. 3-Dimensional design: All of their design work will be done using the online program TinkerCAD. Students who select this option will be given a choice of 3 different design challenges. Their task will involve conducting research on their selected topic and then creating a 3-dimensional model using TinkerCAD. Students will go through the engineering design process, with a strong emphasis on revision/redesign. Final designs will be printed using our 3D printer.

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