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By Phoenix, Gr. 1

Grade 2 Uses Seesaw to Document Learning in Science

Click on the link to hear their explanations about how seeds travel!

Seventh Grade Designs Cell Phone Holders

After conducting a little "market research", the 7th graders designed their own original cell phone holders. These designs, when completed, will be printed for use!


Isaac Carter - Cell Phones

3D Project Hits the Field

Fifth Graders Write Digital Safety Stories

After reading the book Webster's Email, the students have decided to write their own digital safety picture books. Each student selected a rule from the Gilmanton School Technology Contract and are writing their own creative story to teach the selected lesson. So far, they have written their first drafts of the story. Character creation comes next!

Watch their work develop here!

Emma Pellerin - Netiquette
Joseph Huppi - Netiquette

2018 Civil Rights Monuments

Wow! A collaborative project with the eighth grade Social Studies class.

Check it out here...

Check out Grade 2's Gilmanton School Tour...Be sure to listen to their recorded opinion statements!

MASTER Gilmanton School Tour

Tech Enrichment - Year 2 is Underway

After a successful trial year, Tech Enrichment classes are back! We are starting off the year with grades K-2, 3-4, and half of 7-8.

As an added bonus, we are excited to offer the opportunity for 8th graders to function as mentors for the K-2 Enrichment class. The positive response from our 8th grade students was much so that we we will have to switch mentors partway through the year!

Here are some highlights from last year. New pictures and information coming soon...

This sixth grader wanted to make a "living" piece of artwork using gears. She designed one gear from scratch using TinkerCAD, then learned about scale to create both larger and smaller versions of the gear. Here you can see her putting it all together!

8th grader Emily in taking on the challenge of learning Python using Code Academy!

This sixth grader designed his own coat hook in the likeness of the Pirahna Plants in Super Mario Bros. He created the coat hook in three parts: pot with screw holes, hook (the pirahna), and a pin to hold it all together! The most impressive part is the Improve/Redesign phases that he went through. An example of perseverance and dedication!

Fifth Graders test out the SAM Labs STEAM kit!

Learning coding using

These students became more comfortable using nested loops during their seven class session!

I just can't get enough of the level of mentorship and cooperation between the students!

These 5th graders decided to extend their learning from class time and discover more about coding in Hopscotch.

8th grader Sage is planning to deconstruct an old nightlight so she can use the parts to create her own design!

This sixth grader is attempting to redesign a Jang Seeder Wheel using a caliper and TinkerCAD!

Web Design and TinkerCAD

Welcome to Gilmanton Elementary School's Technology Integration home! Here you will find resources, information, and the latest classroom news. I welcome you to explore and ask questions.