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Check out this piece on the value of teaching Computer Science: Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

"Closing The Gender Gap In The Tech Industry." N. p., 2019. Web. 6 Mar. 2019.

Kindergarten Learns About Drawing Digitally

Blake Neely - Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes!
Annabel Taylor - Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes!
Brianna Neely - Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes!

Sixth Graders Become Game Designers

The sixth graders have been learning about coordinate graphing in their math class, so we decided that a little throwback to our favorite program, Hopscotch, was in order!

Here you can see the students playing each other's games and writing feedback for their peers.

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3D Project Hits the Field

Check out Grade 2's Gilmanton School Tour...Be sure to listen to their recorded opinion statements!

MASTER Gilmanton School Tour