MMHS Choirs

About Mira Mesa High School's Choir Program

The choir program at Mira Mesa High School provides an opportunity for every student to find and develop their own voice.  As one of four programs of the Performing Arts Department, the choral program continues to strive for musical excellence and professional development through the vocal arts.  This program consists of two classes that students can join at any point in their high school career.

 Concert Choir is our beginner-friendly class and does not require any prior experience to join. Our second class is Madrigals which is our auditioned choir class which moves at a faster pace with additional concerts off campus in their schedule.

Beyond Choir, our program supports the Musical Theatre class and encourages many of our students to be a part of the large and exciting production.  If you're interested, please see our Musical Theatre tab for more information. 


By joining our community, you create a new bond with other students within our program.  You can also join the program with your friends too. Creating and having friends within the program makes everything more fun.


Through leadership, you can become a Choir Officer. By becoming an officer, you take on certain responsibilities and build your leadership skills. Help continue to build our program and create a better community


The benefits of joining the choir program would be learning about music theory, improving vocal range, or enhancing your musical abilities. Academically, you can add your choral achievements to your college application.