Ryden Bikes 

Frames and Tools from the UK and USA

Where tradition meets technology

Ryden Bikes was founded by Darren Ryden, a part-time frame builder creating high-performance bicycles that balance a blend of tradition and technology, all fabricated one by one from a workshop in Berkshire, UK. 

Darren likes customers to be deeply involved in the design and build process from start to finish, ensuring that every creation has a story to tell with an emotional connection that will last a lifetime and bring a smile to every ride. Frames are generally TIG welded and then finished with a high-quality custom paint design. 

Born from that passion for biking and the desire to achieve the best cycling experience, Ryden Bikes has also designed a number of tools to fill existing gaps in the market.

In our search to make bike setup and fit simpler, we developed a measurement tool that combines a lightweight measuring device, with the sophisticated capabilities of the latest smartphones to calculate all of the important cycle fit measurements. 

This single tool locates the saddle centre, measures Bottom Bracket (BB) to saddle centre distance, BB to handlebar centre, and Hands Position (Saddle to Hoods). The smartphone is integrated in the tool and Provides the angle measurements necessary to calculate the important X/Y dimensions used by the majority of bike-fit professionals. This enables the average home mechanic to replicate a bike setup in the same way a professional would, for a fraction of the cost.