Puente Juniors

AP Language & Composition

Juniors who are enrolled in the Puente Program have the option of two English courses for Junior Year. For those ready for the challenge of a college-level English course, we offer AP Language and Composition. Taught by Mrs. Kim Yeyna, this year-long course focuses on rhetorical analysis and the development and revision of well-reasoned, evidence-centered analytic and argumentative writing. The course prepares students for the AP Language & Composition exam administered by The College Board in the spring of the Junior Year of high school.

Puente American Literature & Composition

The second English course offering for Juniors is Puente American Literature, taught by Mr. Stacey Shindler. In this A-G Approved Course, students delve into the world of such American classics as The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, and The Great Gatsby. In addition to reading and analyzing literature, students continue the Puente focus on writing.