About Puente

What is Puente?

The 9th Grade Puente Honors English course is the foundation of the Puente program at Poly High School. The Puente model combines academic enrichment, counseling, mentoring, and community support. Puente involves students beginning in 9th grade with an enriched curriculum that integrates Latino and multi-cultural literature into the RUSD core curriculum.

Students enrolled in the Puente program stay with the same Puente-trained English teacher for both their 9th and 10th grade college-preparatory Honors English classes. Students are immersed in a pedagogy that builds on their experiences, bridging academics, family, and community.

Puente classes function as families, or familias, with students acquiring competency in various genres including autobiography, reflection, research, persuasion, literary analysis, expressive, and community-based writing. Students are taught techniques for collaborative peer review and create portfolios of polished assignments. Puente’s writing program not only builds language arts skills, but also teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, all of which are key to enabling college enrollment and success.

The Puente counselor works hand-in-hand with the Puente teacher to function as an interdisciplinary team, meeting regularly and as needed with Puente students both inside the classroom and out. The Puente counselor also works closely with parents, providing regular parent workshops throughout the school year. The Puente team of teacher, counselor, and parent all work together and become empowered advocates for students’ educations.

The Puente model provides students with field trips and informational sessions focusing on college, as well as mentors, role models who meet with students and assist them in their educational endeavors.

More than a Program...

Puente is more than an English class, and more than a road map to college...

Puentistas are FAMILY!

As students begin to travel the journey from high school to college, Puente students (or Puentistas) learn that they are not alone on their travels. They learn to work cooperatively and collaboratively, providing support for one another as they each set their goals and work to attain them. The Puente teacher and counselor are there to support the family along the way. Even better, Puente welcomes parents in to the program, making sure each parent has the insight and information needed to help his/her son or daughter achieve their goal of becoming a college graduate!

In Puente, the road lies ahead, but the bridges that connect us will never be lost.

Additional Information

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"Meet & Greet" presentation

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Puente Year-At-A-GLance

Check out what books, writings, field trips and more are in store for you as a Puente student!