Wednesday, October 12th

Post date: Oct 12, 2016 2:32:33 PM

LA: MeTube Paragraphs and Media Presentation Due: Thursday, October 20th

Posted Online Under the LA-->MeTube Resources:

- Take a look at the MeTube Timeline Management Checklist

- Take a look at the Assignment Outline

- Take a look at the Success Criteria for Each Paragraph

History: Answer 2 Questions:

1) Why do you believe it's important to study History?

2) How do you think History has affected your own life? Do you think it has?

Math: Unit Test for Number Sense on Friday, October 14th!

Science: Finish lab report for next class!

Study for Science Quiz!


Finlayson Field Trip: Wednesday, October 26th

Permission Trip Forms and Money are Due: Tuesday, October 18th