Monday, February 6th

Post date: Feb 6, 2017 8:25:46 PM

French: Cahier pas fini? 12h10!

- les ecouteurs par demaen (earbuds!)

Math: Khan Academy Videos: Coordinate Plane Examples (6:49) 2) Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points (2:21)

- Quiz on Feb. 10th Cartesian Coordinate System/Plane

L.A.- Complete the summary paragraph for the book that you read in class. This is due WEDNESDAY!

- Be sure to use the example paragraph about 'Running Shoes' that was sent to your gmail account!

Science: Assignment Sheet Due: Tuesday, Feb. 7th

- Quiz on Tuesday, Feb. 14th on 7.1-8.2


- Report Cards go home on Friday, February 10th