Friday, November 25th

Post date: Nov 25, 2016 6:53:45 PM

HISTORY: Letter Assignment Due: Friday, December 2nd. Start to work on completing your graphic organizer for the Role you are writing from.

- Photo Analysis Assessment- Thursday, December 1st

FRENCH: Parle en francais a la maison avec mama et papa

- Nov. 30th- Les expressions utile due.

MATH: Watch Khan Academy Videos:

1) Area of Diagonal Triangles, of a Rectangle (Measurement)

2) Finish Textbook work: pg. 154-155 #9, and 4 of your choice

ART: Bring old clothes/ziploc or garbage bag/facecloth


-Bring in money $3.00 and form for Scientists in Schools. This is due: Thursday, December 1st!

-Wear appropriate clothes for the weather