Thursday, December 15th

Post date: Dec 15, 2016 5:51:22 PM

Math- Khan Academy Videos:

1) Measuring as Area x Length

2) Measuring with Unit Cubes

-Parent Signature: Self-Reflection for Data Management Assignment & Area of Polygons quiz

- Unit Test: December 20th- Area of Polygons (parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid & composite shapes)

LA: Get rubrics signed BEFORE WINTER BREAK for:

1) Family Immigration Report

2) Photo Analysis Assessment

3) New France Letter


- Reading on 7 Years War & 3 Questions due: Tuesday, December 20th

- Complete jigsaw reading & questions if incomplete. Due: Tuesday, December 20th

French: Come in at lunch (12:10) if you need extra time/help to complete your work. If you didn't get your note signed, it must be signed by Friday.


-Thompson Tunes: TONIGHT @ 7:00pm

- Secret Santa Gift Exchange (If you are participating) will be on Friday, December 23rd.

- Dance/Activity Day on December 23rd

- Our Class Party will also be on December 23rd. There is NO ROTARY that day. Sign up on the spreadsheet if you are bringing in Food.