10th November 2016

Post date: Nov 10, 2016 6:50:56 PM

Math- Khan Academy video: Introduction to Line Plots and Making Line Plots.

Art- Reflection Sheet due tomorrow (if not done).

French- Watch Movies in french.

LA: Check the Time Management Checklist for due dates

(By TOMORROW, Have your Graphic Organizer filled out so that you can begin to start the rough draft of your report. This should be done by MONDAY.

History: Complete the reading on pg. 35,36,37 and fill out your assigned part of the organizer. This is DUE MONDAY.


  • Bring donations for Remembrance day tomorrow
  • Bring in Halloween candy for candy drive
  • P.A. Day on Friday, November 18th (Parent-Teacher Interview Day). Interviews will also be held in the evening on Thursday, November 17th.
  • Show parents your report card and get envelop and teacher interview sheet signed.