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Environmental Impact Project

This year I decided to take Advanced Studio Art. I chose to do this because I've been taking art classes my entire high school career and I knew I wanted to take one senior year. I had heard it was going to be very free structured, meaning it was ultimately the artists decision what they choose to create and there are very loose guidelines. This was appealing to me because I have never done well with structured things. I came into this class wondering what I would end up creating. I never expected to finally develop and individual style but that is exactly what happened over the course of the year.

I started out creating pieces that were all very different, looking back I realized it would take some experimenting in order to find my own style. I still struggled with finishing art on time and I believe I always will. Still, I was having fun and this was a class where I could really take a deep breath and enjoy something I love doing. I found that I enjoyed creating artwork that involved very gestural brush strokes with strong texture and lots of highlights and shadows. I went with this and started a concentration that involved textured clothing and different parts of the human body. I also enjoyed including elements of space or the sky, so near the end of the year I included this more and more.

The piece of artwork I am most proud of this year is my large painting of the dear that I created with paint sticks in many different colors. I love this painting because it really has an impact on everyone that looks at it. I believe it is one of my strongest technical pieces and is just very unique overall. I am also very proud of my final project for the Environmental Advocacy unit. Again, it is big and bold and catches everyone's eye. I have done very small and very large pieces this year and I am proud of myself for being able to take risks. I have learned that I have difficulties with time management which is something I need to work on. Overall, I had a wonderful experience this year in studio and I hope to take my skills to college and beyond.