Hand Project

For this project, I had to incorporate a plaster cast of my hands into a sculpture that conveys a political or environmental message. I started with the idea of conservation of forests, and was originally planning on having a plant sitting in the palm of my hands. It seemed like a good amount of other students were doing something similar, so I changed my idea. I decided to have trees growing around my hands, representing what we think the world is. I wanted to have the inside of my hands be black, showing that the trees we see is not what is actually there, but humans are trying to ignore the destruction that is happening. I began by painting my hands the base colors I wanted them to be, then began to use Sculpee to create the trees on the hands. This was very time consuming, as was creating each individual leaf out of Sculpee. I think the end product is very powerful in form and texture. I would have liked to add some more color or possibly some other kind of plant life to the outside.