Paper Sculpture

This sculpture is meant to represent the word "growing" as something to describe my first semester this year. It is paper meant to look like bushel of flowers. I felt like I have grown a lot as a person and as a student this semester, so I wanted to sculpt growing flowers to represent this. I began by making the stems by rolling up paper and then began to cut out leaves and crumple them up a bit. I attached the leaves with clear tape. It took awhile for me to decide how to make the flowers, but I ended up cutting out circles of paper and folded the edges up to creates round, petal like shapes. I cut holes in the bottom and stuck the stems through them. I attached the stems together with a small strip of paper and kept re-arranging them until they stood on their own. This project has a very personal emotional connection to me because it represents how I felt as a person in a certain time of my life. If I had more time on this project I would have made a little pot or box for the flowers to be in.