Mainer Project

For this project I decided to make a mini scene that offered a play on scale. It contains iconic maine elements set up in a unique way. I began by painting a piece of foam board a dark blue fading color to look like the ocean. I went to the beach with my mom and collected all kinds of shells that were different sizes as well as some seaweed. When I found two large shell halves, I got the idea to set them up to have something in them. I thought a little light house would be cool. I used hot glue to attach the shells and rocks in a little scene on the board with the big shell as the focus. I superglued the big shell halves together. I then made the lighthouse out of sculpee and made rocks for it to sit on as well. After I attached the lighthouse, I knew the scene needed something else. I made a little house to scale and a very tiny seagull. I finished it by glazing the sculpee. This project was very fun for my once I had my idea and it was nice to be able to set it up my own way. I utilized texture and form as well as color and scale. If I could change one thing I would have added some texture to the base.