Baltic Sea Regional Action Network

of Rotarians

Baltic Sea Super Weekend in Helsinki in October, 2022

People of action gathered once again to celebrate the precious Baltic Sea. The super weekend was all about sharing knowledge about the current situation of the sea and its inhabitants, exchanging best practices on conservation and raising funds while also having fun!

The Baltic Sea Super Weekend in Helsinki consisted of:

BASRAN Webinar/Seminar on Saturday October 1, 2022 and BASRAN General Annual Meeting

Click here for the webinar recording, slides and videos

Rowing for the Baltic Herring Event on Sunday October 2, 2022

What is BASRAN

  • BASRAN is a cross boarder co-operation between Rotarians in the 9 countries around the Baltic Sea.

  • The Baltic Sea is in a critical state and urgent measures need to be taken to restore the sea for future generations.

  • The close to 2.000 local Rotary clubs around the Baltic Sea with around 70.000 members can together with partners contribute to improvements.

  • BASRAN stands for Baltic Sea Regional Action Network.