Assistive Technologies

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Opening PD Presentations (8/29/17):

PPS Presentation

AT Consideration Presentation

Steps for Considering and Providing Assistive Technology:

FIRST: Review Consideration Steps found HERE

SECOND: use the WATI form -- link is below.

THIRD: determine if an EVALUATION is needed: many evals can be handled by in-district staff. If a CREC eval is deemed necessary, contact Asst. Director of Special Services, Ann Marie Cordisco for support and PO information.


Contact district AT Specialist, Laura Baxter for ongoing support before and after the eval process, and for help with getting your student the resources needed. (Tech Request Google Form found HERE )

If you are missing a copy of an eval, please contact Kathy Carnazza

Does your student IEP require text to speech or speech to text? Consider starting with Siri on the iPad, or Read & Write for Chrome. Subscriptions for Read&Write are available.

Important Forms: