The Descriptor Struct for Marketing Self-Reproducing Machine Tools

Citing Kemeny,

We add other entities to form an exhaustive technological ordering of entities required to

Implement a self-reproducing machine tool or machine tool workcell--a suite:


Numbers with which to count the other entities n = n1/d1 + n2/d2*i



Geometric Entities with which to construct geometries, from the point to 13 or more orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems of second degree

Processes (entries are fractions) with which to separate part blanks from stock

Features subtracted from blanks to make parts

Parts listing for each part a complex number indicated with the imaginary component, the order of feature subtracting operations

Subassemblies including all permanent joining operations

Assemblies of separable parts

Superassemblies of assemblies, and recursively more superassemblies, and so on until...



and we form a "work cloud" similar to a "word cloud" showing the most frequently required entities in larger type for reference.

When Q is known, we can accept an order d against Q and compute a production vector p.

From Kemeny,

p = d * (I-Real(Q))^(-1).