AT&T Wireless for You

I do OK working from home. I don't have much choice: I'm unemployable due to fetal alcohol syndrome with neurodevelopmental effects. But I do OK. I like people and that helps. I do have a stipend from the American Foundation for the Blind: I am so horribly disorganized and disabled dealing with paper--not computer stuff, but sheets of paper--that I am rated "as blind". I can drive if I want-I wear glasses and that's not the point here. I can see. I can't file paper. It's useless to me. So the mailbox at 3041 Patrick Henry Drive Unit 2 lies open under an arrangement with my landlady with whome I have had a steady loving and respectful relationship since 1986. The lock is off the box. I have a PO Box I use.

Electronics--as you might have guessed--are important to me. I have 6 identical Samsung XE700T1A Slates: 3 with 3G on AT&T under -H01US model, and 3 without with only the WiFi. I am networking them with a Linux install to work as a 24-core supercomputer. This is easy for me: I'm a genius, a learning-disabled genius at 76/166 IQ, Wechsler, 2008.

I do required a smartphone and picked the Note 3. It has a barometer so wireless weather is not necessary and air drag caculations for my experimental vehicles are simplified. I have selected Android Play Store apps for it and I will configure a Note 3 with those apps for you if you like. Just drop by. There's a Door Code. Call me and I will let you in.