Uniforms and Company ID -- All Genders, Other Associate Requirements

Dress: https://www.icouniforms.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=9812&CartID=1 Option Grey Size not too tight (nursing compatible shirt dress)

Coat: http://www.icouniforms.com/product-p/9790.htm?1=1&CartID=2 Black Only Size for working outdoors with a sweater

Scarf: http://www.icouniforms.com/Newport-Scarves-p/8453p.htm Option Third Color (Transgender Purple)



A uniform closet is maintained to accomodate those in need and inevitable bodysize changes

You travel in pairs

Pen: Required

OCID: Required

Work Day: 13 hours

Passport: Required

Fax Account: Redfax

Makeup: Not permitted

Hair: Shoulder Length

State ID: Not permitted

Mechanical Pencil: Required

Driver's License: Not permitted

Condom: Required at start of day

Plan B: Required at start of day

Voter Registration Card: Required

CSD Wireless Fax Line: Optional Preferred

Deodorant / Antiperspirant: Soap and Water Only

Checks: Required: 3 x Blank required at start of day

USPS Passport Wallet with RFID protection required

Class C Contractor's License in good standing required

Exercise, Toileting, and Breaks: 10 min / hour required

Stamps: 10x First Class Forever Stamps Required at start of day

Headset: Wired Only, Bose Noise Reducing Preferred, Sports Optional

Personal Computer: Samsung XE700T1A-H01US, OEM Windows 7 Professional

VISA Card: TD Bank Required; Minimum Balance $500 Required at start of day

Work Week: same 3 of 7 consecutive week days; you may select once per quarter

Metro Farecard: Minimum Balance $100 required at start of day; Autofill Required

Security Clearance: Optional Preferred Public Trust if available, higher if available

Pocket Device: LG G* Thinq, Work Profile, Managed Apps at Replikon.net including Redfax App

Weapons: No weapons of any kind permitted from start to end of day; implied consent to pat-down

Other drugs: No non-prescription drugs or unprescribed drug use permitted; implied consent to urine test

Alcohol: No alcohol of any kind permitted in you from start to end of day; implied consent to breathalyzer

Metro 1/2 fare Disabilities Farecard: if available, required; Minimum Balance $50 Required at start of day; Autofill Required

Home Cluster: NEoL "Klustore": 6 x Samsung XE700T1A, SciLinux 6.0, VMWare Workstation Player 14, OEM Windows 7 Professional x 1 / 4 (8 Cores, 16 logical machines)

Rate of Pay: You bill $100.80 / hour times (A^2+1)*(B^2+1)*(C^2+1)/B with consent; you are a direct seller sellling information, Intellectual Property, held by Replikon Research

Company IDs: Courtesy ilc@intlam.com using your OCRID (required) and studio photo matching your passport (required) taken here at Replikon Research (Oath required)