Beach Tours DC-NY

First, let me say that, if you have body image issues, that I'd like to recommend you work with an AASECT or if you are in a family situation, an AAMFT therapist with "somatic" or "experiential" style, to resolve your issues *safely*. You can be hurt further, so beware. It wasn't your fault. You did nothing wrong. You didn't deserve it. You don't have to live with it.

Now, second, instead of spending on a beach, if you still have some issues, there is a path to earn, learn, and grow. The Figure Model Page here will be your guide. In the art studio, the shape or condition of your body is *absolutely* irrelevant. What matters is grace, silence, willingness, and freaking showing up on time. "nuff said.

Thirdly, I'm not saying that you have to be free of issue to do a clothing optional beach tour--we all have issues--but it can be challenging. I am your companion and guide through every moment of your tuor, trained in a non-interventional style of counseling: I am licensed to listen. I'll keep the group together, and I have promised the Rangers on *my* initiative not to charge one red US penny for service on Park territory. All gratis there, making even more Fun.

We depart by Amtrak--high budget, or Megabus--low budget, and arrive near Penn Station -- low budget, or in it -- high budget, and taxi to fetty -- high budget, or train to Red Bank -- low budget, and ferry to Beach -- high budget, or bus to near Beach -- low budget, and ferry bus to beach house -- high budget, or shared taxi to beach house -- low budget, and walk to beach--either option requires a nearly 300 yard stroll, and more for full beach extent.

An option is to navigate to the North Beach and stroll clothed through the clothed North Beach, Sandy Hook Unit, Gateway National Recreation Area, to Ranger Station, the beginning of clothing optional South Beach, stroll with clothing optional to the end of South Beach, spending time as we wish, and return.

One exercise for every tour is Introduction with Optional Handshakes.

Sexual Activity and Photography are Completely Forbidden at the South Beach -- Even With Consent.

A Volley Ball Net is usually available or in use, and that's about it.

You'll see children, seniors, and a sign "Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers".

Gawking and Pointing are discouraged.

You'll see very few Fashion Model type bodies, just mostly People Having Fun. It's just lovely.

All Tours Begin and End at my Home where a Parking Pass is available and a Posing Area with Lighting and optional Camera is avialable to Break the Ice under my View or that of the Others and/or to prepare a Figure Modeling Business Card and/or more detailed Pose Chart for distribution to Studios so that every Tour participant gains the chance to Model as a Guild Model or Freelance. Ice Breaking takes very little time and is done Prior to Departure: Cards and Charts are done Post Return.

What I am oferring is the learning. There will be printed and digital Handouts to keep.

You'll learn to book your Amtrak, or Megabus in advance to save money, navigate the various options to the Beach, and return, Tired, Tanned, and Happy.

Camping Tours mid-week are also available.

In order to meet my promise to the Rangers, I simply mark up all expenses by 100% and charge *nothing whatsover* for my time. Gratis. It's just something for a Genius to do to help Others.


Dana, your Guide