Open House at Replikon Research

Replikon Research researches replikons. Replikons are self-reproducing machines including machine tools, vehicles, and also structures containing machine tools and vehicles, such as might be found on Earth, Moon, or Mars. The operations here at Replikon Research are tied to and dependent on the domain services provided for the domain provided by, by Google, on the G Suite services provided by Google, on wireless communications provided by AT&T, on fax services provided by Smartfax and Redfax, on virtual machines provided by VMware, on Scientific Linux, on MathCAD 6.0, on machine tools, simple ones, like drill presses and table saws, and on apps provided by the Play Store, a Google service.

The AT&T account has unlimited service, but at 23 GB of usage monthly, may be "throttled" to 3G speeds. The limit is rarely reached, so, at the end of each billing cycle, the 15th of the month, WiFi is opened, and a streamed film is shown at Replikon Research to make use of unused allotment. The WiFi is n-class. It's a general Open House as well, with Q and A.

The premises are 3041 Patrick Henry Drive, Door Code 5432, Unit 2 in Hollybrooke Condominium, Seven Corners, VA 22044-2536, and are reachable from the patio as well, where you will see a white band along the fence, at waist height, 24/7, and during Open House hours of 7-9 PM, and colored lights in the rear window from Glen Eagles Court on the other side of the Long Branch of Four Mile Run.

At the end of Open House, all device registered with Device Policy will be deleted from the registry in the G Suite administrative console to allow automatic update of the STEAM and other apps on the Managed Apps list, and must re-enroll to enjoy "Find My Device" and the other features.

There is no other way, because the list was designed by Google to be set up *before* devices are deployed by an administrator. Dang.

See the page "Managed Apps", if it is visible to you, for the list. If it is not visible to you, under "index", look for a Sign In link, and sign in. If it is still not visible, contact the administrator at Admin@Replikon.Net for access to the page until the end of the next Open House.