Athletic Department

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2022-2023 Sports Registration will open on June 1st

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Impact testing dates:

August 10th : 9am, 10am and 11am

August 15th: 1pm, 2pm,and 3pm

room 310

Administrative Staff

Athletic Director: Lewis Pappariella (860) 526-5328 ext 2570

Athletic Coordinator Admin.: Sheila Robida (860) 526-5328 ext 2569

Athletic Trainer: Gyujin Kim (860) 526-5328 ext 2571

Follow Valley Athletics: @vrhsathletics

Mission Statement:

The Region 4 Department of Athletics strives for excellence by providing opportunities to student-athletes to participate in programs that are designed to develop meaningful standards of athletic performance, leadership, scholarship, community service and appropriate conduct within the educational and social environments of Region 4 Schools.