Picture of the cover of the math book. CPM Course 1
E6 Webpage Math Homework 1/8:2017-2018

Always SHOW YOUR WORK! All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise noted.

Homework Help! Go to: No password required for this site.

*If you genuinely spend more than 30 minutes on homework (in addition to the time we spent on it in class), you may write a note to me where you stopped and have a parent sign it. The goal is to be able to do what is assigned in the time allotted in class plus about 30 minutes. Get to homework club and ask questions so we can help you increase your speed and accuracy. Another online resource for help in math, multiple videos on various topics:

Math Retake Policy:

Tests must be retaken within a week.

Correct your retake (only the problems you missed) and check them with the key hanging on the wall. Ask for help on any you do not understand.

Continue getting help from me, home or Academic Support until you earn 100%. Average the 2 scores (70% minimum)

Get a parent signature on the retake.

Homework Policy:

“Credit” =‘s 95% (Completed homework includes neatly done homework that you have corrected in class on time and turned in with your name on it.)

Bonus - offered often on nightly homework. If right, neat and corrected: 100%!

Late classwork/homework: 60%


Login is usually your first name - see the card taped inside your planner.

State Practice Test:

Pi Day Stuff!


Pi Explanation Youtube:

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi!

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table