Go-Kart 2018!

The E6 Solar Go-Kart was a huge success! It made its firs public appearance at the Gold Nugget Parade. It will also be at the Chocolate Fest and 3rd grade energy fair. The kart would not be possible without the help of the following:

  • Ken Thompson - KG Thompson Construction
  • Phil Leonard
  • Howard Holman
  • Trevor, as part of science fair got a deal on the new wheels!
  • FAFCO in Chico for the great deal on surplus solar panels for our school
  • Tiffany's grandmother, Pati Akers, for the awesome flag! (Imported and handmade in Texas)

Obviously, safety is the number one priority. If you are willing to takle this type of project, remember that you assume all risks. We are going to share the parts we used in case you are interested in making something similar.

  • Donor Kart - Ours was found on Craigslist for $50. Not running, it is a "Tye-Rod" brand that was made for only a year or two. Electric, batteries were dead and wheels were heavy and ground down out of balance.
  • Motor/ controller/ throttle cobination on ebay for $90. 24v, 350w
  • 4 Go-Quad wheels $140. (one with a drive sprocket mount.) DDM Racing
  • Sprocket $20. DDM Racing
  • Chain $6. Monster Scooter Parts
  • Brake lever and cable $20. Monster Scooter Parts