E6 Yearbooks Pre-2018/19

A very special thank you to Teresa Richards for the hours of scanning and uploading each of these yearbooks! We would not have this without her efforts.

Please share this page with former E6 students. It is truly heartwarming to go back and look at all of the great memories we have had together. Please download a copy and print a replacement copy. Many copy places will print from email or Google drive at less than $0.15 a page. At that rate, most yearbooks are cheaper to print than for us to print and then mail them.

Know that Evergreen 6 is continuing on. We are now in the 300 wing of the old Intermediate School and we are still up to a bunch of great field trips (including Shady Creek, Camp, Feather Falls, Lassen) and unique learning opportunities. Take a minute to check out our website, and if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi!

Feel free to send and email to gholman@pusdk12.org or psnyder@pusdk12.org as well.