Accelerated Reader

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FREE Online A/R books and stories! Please log in the link below using class code: cmp7953

With everyone working from home, this is a great option to read A/R books at your level. Several have the option to look at the book and hear it at the same time! We are new to this too - please email your teacher if you are having trouble logging on. Every student on Google Classroom has been added to the Epic class. Happy reading!

Accelerated Reader

At Evergreen, to reach your goal by the end of the year, we expect 2 hours of 
reading outside of class each week. Periodically, there will be rewards for students who are keeping up with their goal. (Extra break time, tickets, and even breakfast!) We are flexible. If you are busy weekends, read during the week and vise-versa. Log pages in your planner each day under: "reading." Write in the pages you read each day, and write the name of the book you are reading on the top right portion of each week. Students that reach 100% of their goal are invited to a special event the last week of school!

Link to A/R:

Accelerated Reader - Click here to review your goal, tests taken, 
and which titles are available. Tests may only be taken at school.

Additional Information:

- Read books within your reading range.
- If you are struggling with tests, pick shorter and or easier books.
- If you continually get 90% or higher on tests, try tougher books.
- Have fun! The best part about A/R is that YOU get to choose books that are right for YOU!