E6 Waterbottle

E6 Water Bottle Travels the (Google) Earth!

CLICK here to view the Picasa Web Album!

Welcome to the E6 Waterbottle Webpage!

This page is still being improved, but we are excited to launch it with

more than 100 photos of the E6 Re-Useable Water Bottle, E6 hat, and E6 shirt all around the world!

Take time to explore the pictures and geography of this amazing planet. Click on "View Map" and "View in Google Earth" if you have that installed on your computer. A special thanks to all of the students

and friends of E6 who have helped with this project over the years, there have been many! (For example, Merik

Nypl for packing the bottle to the South Pole!) If you do not see yours here, it may be on the stack to be scanned.

We could always use a digital copy to get it online faster.

If there are any errors or corrections, or additional pictures, please email them to gholman@pusdk12.org.

When you take pictures, get them at a unique place, signs or landmarks are good, and with people in them

(with parent permission.) Have fun, and pass your bottle on to anyone traveling. Tell them to go to the email

address on the bottle to find this page. Click on the hyperlink above and let's see where in the world we can go!

This is a test of the new Google Photo Album (2018):