Values & Qualities


Our values are a deeply embedded in the culture of Loburn School. These values are talked about, displayed, modelled and rewarded. We have chosen 3 values that we believe incorporate our culture, our community and the essence of the New Zealand Curriculum Document.

Respect / Whakaute - Service / Manaakitanga - Participation / Mahi Tahi

Our school wide positive behaviour programme is based around our values and together with our qualities, form the basis of everything we do at Loburn School. Students showing, displaying or modelling the values are rewarded with a token, which is then placed in the appropriate 'house' container under that particular value.


The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies. People use these competencies to live, learn, work, and contribute as active members of their communities. The key competencies are:

  • Thinking

  • Using language, symbols and text

  • Managing self

  • Relating to others

  • Participating and contributing

Our school vision integrates the key competencies by helping the students to become:


Gathering and sharing understanding using clear, precise language

Ko tōu reo, Ko tōku reo te tuakiri tangata.

Tīhei uriuri, tīhei nakonako.

Your voice, My voice, It is an expression of identity. Behold, the message and the messenger.

High Performers

Consistently striving to achieve their personal best

Tamati akonga i te kainga, tau ai i te marae

A child educated to be strong in their own identity stands as a chief of the land.


Using your mind to consider, create, analyse, critique and care

Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu.

Without feathers the bird cannot fly.


Finding Things Out

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere.

Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.

The bird that partakes of the miro berry reigns in the forest. The bird that partakes of knowledge has access to the world

Team Players

Working together to achieve a common goal

He aha te mea nui ō te Āo? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata!

What is the greatest thing in the world? It is the People, people, people.