From the Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Loburn School. Loburn School is a wonderful rural school of 170 learners. Our school has gone through some very exciting changes over the last few years as we strive to be a learning community where children have excellent skills, knowledge and strategies in numeracy, literacy and where learning is in a positive and challenging environment. The whole team - every staff member - works to provide rich tasks and meaningful learning contexts for the children through a wide range of learning opportunities.

Learning and school is supposed to be enjoyable. Children who are happy learn faster and retain more than those who are unhappy or disengaged. We are constantly seeking ways to make learning an enjoyable experience for our children.

We need the partnership of our parents and community if we want Loburn School to be a positive learning community. Together we achieve more and together we can provide eight years of wonderful learning for the children. There are many ways that our parents can be involved in the education of their child from informal conversations with their child, their child’s teacher and by participating in our Home and School Association.

I consider it an honour and privilege to welcome any child but especially our new entrants to Loburn School. The New Zealand Curriculum provides all schools with the flexibility to tailor curriculum programmes to suit the child and the school community. Our foundation areas of literacy and mathematics are supported by the priority we give to physical education and education outside the classroom (EOTC).

The Curriculum embraces values and principles that see the child as a whole person in an ever changing world. It challenges the school to develop learning opportunities that prepare children for the future by enabling them rather than filling them with facts and figures to regurgitate. Together we (the school and The Ministry) value excellence, our culture and the special place of the Treaty of Waitangi, an inclusive approach with community and diverse groups, and a strong focus on the future through coherent pathways and transitions.

Our doors are always open for our families and we warmly welcome visitors to our place. You can contact me by email

Please take the time to look around our school through this web site or come and see us in person.

“Innovative - Dynamic - Exciting”


Stuart Priddy