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ERO School Profile 2023

Loburn School 3419 Te Ara Huarau School Profile Report (3).pdf

ERO Review 3/5/19

To read the full report, go to: Loburn School ERO Report 2019

Here are some snippets from the 2015 report:

Loburn School provides a family-like environment. The principal and teachers know students and their families well. Older students take care of younger students. They provide them with considerable support through a buddy system and support them in their learning, wellbeing and transition into school. The school is an Enviro School and holds the silver award. 

The playgrounds have many plantings of New Zealand natives and provide interesting places for students to socialise, learn and play. The school roll is increasing and the school has recently had two new classrooms built. The principal and many staff members have been at the school for a number of years. This provides stability for students and families. Many of the trustees have also been on the board for a number of years. 

The board, principal and teachers have made good progress in meeting some of the recommendations in the 2012 ERO review. These include self review and reporting. Areas still to be fully addressed include extending bicultural perspectives, promoting Māori success as Māori, and student involvement in goal setting. Loburn School is the lead school of a local cluster of schools that work together in a number of ways, including sharing professional development to achieve common goals.

New entrant students’ transition to school is well supported. Teachers have developed a well planned, purposeful buddy programme between senior and junior students. Teachers’ help senior students gain the skills and resources that they need to successfully help junior students with their learning, wellbeing and social interactions. This well-developed programme also promotes strong, positive relationships among the students across the school.