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Stories are a gift to you in this life. They have the power to transport you into different worlds, places, times. They enable you to process and understand your own thoughts, to develop ideas, inspire and perhaps, most importantly comfort you when you need it the most.

World Book Day 2022

Check out our WORLD BOOK DAY 2022 page to discover the splendors of our day spent in Narnia...

A New Beginning for a New Year...

Goodbye Miss Hogben...

After nearly 18 years, Miss Hogben says 'goodbye' to Plymstock School...

I will miss you...

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my Plymstock school journey. I have loved every single minute of it. Plymstock school library is, and always will be, the most magical place on earth because it is full of the most incredible, fascinating, inventive, effervescent and inspiring young people I have ever had the privilege to work with. You are all glorious, and I am heartbroken to be leaving you, but know that I am proud of each and every one of you.

Thank you all for bringing so much magic into my life, look after yourselves and go forth and have extraordinary futures :)

Remember, the library is an amazing place because of YOU - never forget this.

Miss Hogben x

For Every Goodbye there is a Hello...

Welcome Ms Black...

Hello Lovely students!

If we have not had the pleasure, I am Ms Black! I joined the library in September and have loved every minute at Plymstock school. I am so excited to begin my new role as library manager and to continue bringing all the love, fun and joy that comes with being a part of our library community.

Please stop by to get to know myself and our newest librarian, Ms. Schnoor.

Looking forward to many new adventures!

Ms Black

Winners of the Year 8 Fish Competition announced - Go to the Year 8 page for more information

Check out the new EPiC page for some reading recommendations...

EPiC Book Recommendations...

Christmas Dancing! A yearly tradition...a reminder of the joy that is all around us :)

The library team would like to thank all the students who returned to the library last term :) It was such a wonderful thing to have you all back and we can't thank you enough for your support!

Christmas jumpers were back in force...

...and the library was dressed up in it's usual Christmas glory :)


Check out the latest book reviews, on our brand new student solo page...

Go to our 'What Shall I read Next? page to get some essential book inspiration for the new term!

Mrs Elliott and Mrs Sherwood share their virtual author experiences...

Go to The World of Books & Authors for more information on this weeks focused author...

...Sarah Crossan.

Miss Hogben would like to thank all the Year 7 students that took part in the 'After the War' project. Your incredible work is now on display in the school library - go to BEHIND THE BOOK 'AFTER THE WAR' for more information.

A special project, for a very special a very extraordinary time...

Although this project is aimed at Year 7 students, who we feel have missed out on precious library time, we invite all students - from every year group - to join in and celebrate this incredible story and tune in to our special book readings...which will start on Wednesday 3rd February.

Check out our new 'Black Lives Matters' page...where we celebrate the diversity and brilliance of our favourite authors.

This term's focus will be on authors and stories from our LGBTQ community...

Exciting World Book Day (Thursday March 4th 2021) news...

Miss Hogben as the character Beatrix LaStrange, from the brilliant 'Harry Potter' books by J K Rowling.


This year's World Book Day will be very different from other years, as most of us are at home.

Usually (as many of you already know), we like to dress up as our favourite book characters to celebrate reading across the world! And we LOVE to decorate the library with whatever theme we choose :)

As you can see from the rather scary photo (to the left of this) in 2017 we did 'Harry Potter' - I have included some more photos below (less scary, more informative) so you can see for yourselves :)

Sadly this year we will not be in school...


Mrs Oakley has come up with a brilliant idea to keep the joy of 'dressing up alive' with a fantastic competition involving...potatoes and toilet roll!

Go to WORLD BOOK DAY 2021 to find out more!

A reminder of the library last year (2020), when the theme was based on the glorious fairy fantasy book...'The Cruel Prince' by Holly Black.

(which clearly, Mrs Elliott has been unable to let go of...just wait until you see her competition entry (go to World Book Day page).


Harry Potter


Harry Potter


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

sneak preview...

Don't miss out on Mrs Elliott's WBD competition entry...

...never before has Prince Cardan looked so good.

To find out more go to our WORLD BOOK DAY 2021 page!

No books at home?

Not sure what to read?

Miss Hogben will be reading from David Walliam's latest best seller, during DEAR time!

Go to MISS HOGBEN READS to check it out...

Keep checking out our HOGWARDS page and follow our students as they make their final judgements on their favourite books of 2020!

Go to our HOGWARDS page now :)

It's that we are at home reading again please send us your photos so we can continue to celebrate reading...

Go to...

Don't miss out on Mrs Oakley's Parent and Carer twitter challenge:

'Virtual School Library'

Read books for free! With the new 'Virtual School Library'.

For more information, go to Drop Everything And Read

Welcome back lovely students,

Remember, reading is gift and at a time like this a wonderful mental health tool. A book can offer you an escape like nothing else can – a chance to dip into another world and free yourself from any worries or stress – it is also a brilliant way of growing your brain without really thinking about it 😊 (win win).

Having said that, it is important for me to point out that some of you do struggle with reading, whether you find it difficult or you just don’t enjoy it. I want you to know that we are here for you and will do everything our my power to support you with this. Please contact me at if you would like me to give you some extra support.

Miss Hogben, Mrs Elliott & Mrs Sherwood

Check out this site suggested by Mr Burdett. It has many different online books that you can read for free!

Check out this page for more resources and information for improving literacy at home.

Continue with your fantastic reading habits whilst in the comfort of your own home.

I will continue to update the library website and keep it going to support you with your reading at home and school.

Don't forget... if you are in Year 7 and you haven't handed in your fish for the 'Great Library Fish Competition' the entry date has been extended until Lockdown is over!

We have already had some fantastic entries. Thank you so much to all of you who have already entered - you are all so talented!

Check out this term's featured book...

For a full review of this book, go to our What Shall I read Next? page.

For more information on 'Ghost Boys' and to find out more about the author Jewell Parker Rhodes, go to our Black Lives Matter page

Read the book BEFORE the movie release in 2021

Go to News & Events for more information

Ready for Christmas reading?

Check out our new Year 8 page, full to the brim with Christmas recommendations...

Ready for Christmas reading?

Read Mrs Elliott's review on the delightful new book by Catherine Doyle, go to our Year 7 page for further details...



We have missed seeing our lovely students and being in the library. Unfortunately, the library building remains closed, for the time being.

However, we have just set up our 'click and collect' (well it's more a 'email and deliver') library, that will enable you to still borrow and return books (hooray).

You will have received information about this via SHMW and your English teachers and tutors.

REMEMBER - we need to leave 72 hours between handling the book and giving it to you, so please remember to bring a book from home if your library book hasn't arrived yet!

Please continue to read and contribute to our 'virtual library'. We intend to keep this going alongside the actual library (when it re-opens again).

Look after yourselves and have a wonderful first term,

Miss Hogben, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Sherwood

Ms Robinson's Year 7 Class, with their library books :)

Go to Reading at Home to check out where Mrs Robinson's tutor group are reading during lockdown!


Go to...

Student Book Reviews

Go to Student Book Reviews

Please send your reviews to

myOn by Renaissance are offering free online books to support reading or for those reluctant readers!


At home reading?

Send us your photos so we can celebrate reading away from school.

Go to...

Further improve your vocabulary by exploring Mrs Glastonbury's Latin and Greek root words of the week

Continue with your fantastic reading habits whilst in the comfort of your own home.

No library website would be complete without some Harry Potter.

Remember to enjoy yourselves as much as you can...and take care.

Mrs Elliott, Miss Hogben & Mrs Sherwood