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The official newspaper of Punxsutawney Area High School in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Vol. 37 Issue 8

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Diem selected to perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Emmet Jamieson

From a square in the middle of the skyscrapers, below the enormous balloons in Garfield and Snoopy shapes somewhere in that bustling, sprawling city home to millions and millions, beautiful music hums its tune up toward the far-off sky. It flows from the bells of clarinets and saxophones and trumpets and bursts from the methodical strike of wooden stick on Mylar drumhead. The band plays as if the world is watching - and it is. And somewhere in the lilting melange of melody, in that vast crowd of metal and wood, stands a certain student from Punxsutawney playing her heart and soul out with the rest.

Jenna Diem, a music-loving individual and member of the PAHS band, stands in front of a mural honoring the band. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)

It's finally prom season here at PAHS

by Madison Lorelli

It’s that time of the year again, where every junior and senior girl is spending weeks trying to find the perfect dress and the guys are trying to find the right tux to match it. Yes, we are in prom season once again.

PAHS track secures silver and gold at Bedford Invitational

by Emmet Jamieson

In track and field, invitationals are where the best come to compete. As opposed to the relatively lax nature of dual meets, invitationals are tense, competitive, and much, much harder to win. But coming out on top at an invitational is not unattainable, and the boys and girls track teams proved it at their recent invitational in Bedford.

The boys track team gathers together for a celebratory photo with their second-place trophy before heading back to the bus. (Photo submitted by George Wehrle)
The girls team shows off their medals and trophies after winning the Bedford Giant Eagle Invitational. (Photo submitted by John Snyder)

Why Pennsylvania needs a red flag law

by Emmet Jamieson

Of all the hot button topics up for debate in America today, few generate as much controversy as guns. In the wake of countless bloody mass shootings in our country, such as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the Las Vegas concert shooting, or the Thousand Oaks country music bar shooting, those who support preserving gun rights and those who wish to change gun laws are locked in vicious, gridlocked combat. One of the major points of contention between these groups, and one which has started to gain some traction, is the debate over whether our country should enact laws to take guns away from those who will cause harm with them.

The Perfect Date is the perfect rom-com

by Louise Bennett

The Perfect Date is a Netflix Original that was recently released, and it is the rom-com you need in your life.