Meet the Counselors and Student Services Staff!

8th Grade Students

Ms. Kristen Tsangeos

School Counselor

(440) 885-8426 or Email

9th Grade Students

Ms. Dawn Tabaj

School Counselor

(440) 885-8419 or Email

10th Grade Students

Mr. Mikael Price

School Counselor

(440) 887-4867 or Email

11th Grade Students

Ms. Courtney Elkins

School Counselor

(440) 885-8406 or Email

12th Grade Students

Mrs. Christine Gigliotti

School Counselor

(440) 885-8417 or Email

Counseling Intern

Mrs. Emily Yaya


School Psychologist

Mrs. Jasmine Manista-Fisher

(440) 885-2448 or Email

Home Liaison

Mrs. Sylvie Argirakis, LSW

(440) 885-2372 or Email

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