Yearbook Info

The Northwood yearbook committee is pleased to announce this year’s yearbook, Northwood School, bursting with photos, student portraits, activities, highlights, and of course, space for special autographs. The smiles and memories of your student’s year at Northwood will be remembered forever in a yearbook.

As you make choices about purchases for your student, please consider the long-term value of a yearbook. For the price of a CD or a few music downloads, your student can have a book that captures forever the special events of this year. A yearbook grows more valuable over time. Can you say the same thing about a CD or a music download?

Make sure your student doesn’t miss out on this opportunity! To order a yearbook(s) for your student(s), please fill out the form that your student brought home or you can go online at Yearbook ID code: 7941818 price of the book will be $15.00 for soft cover. Order deadline is April 20, 2018

We all look forward to a wonderful year—and an equally wonderful yearbook!


Northwood Yearbook Advisor

Kimberly Clemons