School Board

School Board Member Contact Information

Keith McGuigan, Chair: or 942-9287

Barbie Hartford, Vice Chair: or 667-6725

Bree Gunter: or 301-661-0026

Tim Jandebeur: or 942-5463

Shane Wells: or 738-4383

School Board Group Email Address:

Board Member Committee Assignments:

CBNA Education Committee (1 member): Keith McGuigan

  • Meetings vary depending on ed. issues (usually discipline)
  • May also participate in teacher interviews, etc.
  • Representative brings back info to Board on suspensions, etc.

Budget Committee Member (1 member): Barbie Hartford

  • Sits as voting member of the committee
  • Committee meets quarterly except during Dec/Jan/Feb (2 public hearings & 2-4 work sessions)
  • All School Board members are expected to participate in public hearings on the Proposed School Budget during the months of Jan/Feb/March

NHSBA Delegate (1 member): Shane Wells

  • Attends annual Delegate Assembly (Saturday/January) meeting
  • Votes on articles NHSBA will follow and/or push legislatively

Superintendent's Evaluation (1 member, usually the Board Chair): Keith McGuigan

  • Person represents Board's evaluation to SAU Committee
  • Several meetings prior to presenting to SAU Board

Communication Committee (1-2 members): Shane Wells & Keith McGuigan

  • Board Member chairs the committee comprised of admin, teachers, parents
  • Board Member updates the School Board section of the website
  • Focus on the committee is to increase communication to the community, with a focus on increasing participation at the annual School District meeting

Emergency Management Committee (1 member): Shane wells

  • Meets as needed
  • Reviews and revises the Emergency Plan for the Northwood School Facility

Teacher Negotiations Committee (2 members): Barbie Hartford & Tim Jandebeur

  • Represents the Board during Teacher Union negotiations

Support Staff Negotiations Committee (2 members): TBD

  • Represents the Board during NESPA Union negotiation

Facilities Committee (1 member): Tim Jandebeur and Shane Wells

  • Works with Facilities Manager and Admin to monitor major maintenance issues and develop long-term goals/planning

Calendar Committee (1 members): Bree Gunter

  • Represents the Board on committee that sets the annual calendar

Clubs Committee (1-2 members): Barbie Hartford & Shane Wells

  • Represents the Board on committee that approves/selects student clubs

Technology Committee (1-2 members): Keith McGuigan and Barbie Hartford

Athletic Committee (1 member): Shane Wells

Policy Committee (1 member): Bree Gunter