"Home of the Lakers"

Athletic Director: Nichole Billcliff

Baseball & Softball Tryouts

Softball: 3/19 & 3/20 2:30-4:00

Baseball: 3/19 & 3/20 4-5:30

Attention: If your child has the later practice/tryout they MAY NOT stay after and wait in the gym. If they are going to be with a teacher until the start of their practice that is allowed. The gym is too small to have people waiting in there while a practice is in progress.

Students must ALWAYS be supervised if they are staying after. Please reach out to the earlier coach about your son or daughter staying after if that is a possibility.


(updated on a regular basis)


It is the purpose of the Interscholastic Athletic Program at Northwood School to help develop young men and women physically, mentally and socially as human beings through athletic participation. The building of character, the development of ethics and values, and the fostering of sportsmanship and fair play, are all parts of the foundation of becoming a good human being and a positive contributing member of our society. With this, a climate is created for our student-athletes to grow intellectually, morally and physically, developing a base upon which growth will continue throughout their lifetime, thus providing a holistic approach to the child’s well-being.


In following with the mission statement, it is important that we here at Northwood School ensure the enjoyment, safety and positive skill development of our student-athletes in an environment that fosters maturity. Learning experiences need to be provided that are appropriate to the growth and development of the age group involved. Each child’s individuality needs to be taken into account while recognizing the dynamics of personality. Athletics at Northwood School should be conducted so as to enhance the physical, mental, social, emotional and moral growth of the children. Developing a positive self-concept and self-esteem in each child is of importance. Athletics is another extension of the child’s life and needs to be treated as such. Athletics are co-curricular and therefore provide an essential component of the total school curriculum. Athletics help to aid students in the following:

1. An opportunity to develop tolerance and sensitivity to the commitment of others and to the value of fellow human beings.

2. A real chance for young people to become part of something that is a positive and fun influence in their lives.


The Athletic Department at Northwood School recognizes and understands the changing needs and dynamics of our student-athletes as well as the evolvement of athletics over the past years. In order to attempt to meet these changing needs the Athletic Department has developed the following set of goals.

Ø providing quality athletic opportunity and programs for all students who participate in the athletic program

Ø providing maximum participation opportunities at the entry level(s) of competitionØ provide athletic opportunities to develop, exemplify and observe good sportsmanshipØ develop an awareness and realization in students that participation is a privilege with accompanying responsibilities

Ø providing activities for learning self-discipline, loyalty, team play, personal pride, school pride, the respect for the rights of others and the will to be successful

Ø providing opportunities for students to understand the importance of cooperation and leadership in sports and the connection to other areas of personal commitment

Ø provide students with opportunities for healthy and appropriate competition

Ø integrating athletics within the total education program, providing educational experiences in conjunction with those provided in the curriculum

Ø providing athletic opportunities for the development of positive attitudes, cooperation and responsible individual / team play