Student Portfolio

What is the Student Portfolio?

The Student Portfolio function on the Parent Portal is used to share PDFs of important documents, including:

  • Elementary Report Cards

  • New York State 3-8 Assessment Results

  • NWEA 3-8 Math and ELA Assessment Results

IMPORTANT: The Student Portfolio cannot be accessed via the PowerSchool Mobile App. Instead, you must access the Parent Portal website using a web browser.

Video Tutorial

Please see below for a video summary on how to access documents in the Student Portfolio.

Step by Step

1. Login to the Parent Portal

Login to the Niskayuna Parent Portal using your personally created Parent Portal account. If you need assistance creating an account, please click here.

Student accounts will not be able to access these reports.

2. Open the Student Portfolio

Click on the "Student Portfolio" button on the left side of the home screen:

3. Review the Welcome Message

This will open the Assessment Portfolio for your student, and display a welcome message.

4. Select a Category and Sub-Category

To view the test results, click on the triangle next to the desired category of documents on the left (Elementary Report Cards, NWEA, or NYS Assessment Results.) If applicable, click on the triangle next to the desired sub-category as well.

5. Select a Document

Depending on the category and sub-category you selected, you may see more than one document available. Click on the name of the document name you would like to view to open it in the main view on the right.

6. Review the Document

With the document open, use the provided controls (at the top of the window) to review it:

(a) Change pages

(b) Adjust the zoom level

(c) Download the PDF to your device.

(d) Print the PDF