Healthcare Professionals

A journey from idea to YPAGne - Researchers and Health care professionals contact YPAGne for help at varying degrees of their research. Many attend to put the finishing touches to their study- and to gain feedback on the design or content of the research. Some researchers come with an idea, concept and ask YPAGne to help form that idea with input on questions, where to get information or how to disseminate their findings.

Matt - Talk About Sex

Thoughtcloud feedback June 2016

Eileen & Caroline - Safeguarding

Thoughtcloud feedback February 2017

Joe - Connected Health Cities

Thoughtcloud feedback September 2017

Top tips for researchers - A guide written by the group to help researchers get the most out of visiting YPAGne

Top tips for researchers attending YPAG NE meetings V.2.docx

How do I book some time with the YPAG? Please fill out the application below and we will get beck to you as soon as possible.

All researchers visiting YPAGne are required to fill in the Public Involvement activity form. It is a useful tool that aids researchers to focus on the aspect of their study they would like YPAGne to help them with.

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