What parents have to say about YPAGne -

YPAGNE has provided my children with an excellent introduction to medical research. Participation in group exercises has improved their communication and public speaking skills and taught them to work effectively in teams - Deepali Varma

YPAGNE is a trustworthy group and has benefited my son from many aspects over the past few years - Joy

Why is YPAG important?

We know that involving young people in the development of research studies leads to better research for young people - we value their views and opinions and want to incorporate them into our work. Their views and opinions will help influence research that is carried out within our local hospital and other services both regionally and nationally.

What will my child be doing as part of YPAG?

The group do lots of different things which include learning about the research process (eg: understanding the importance of informed consent), helping researchers with their studies and telling other young people what researchers are finding out. We’re keen to involve young people in communicating with others involved in YPAGne both within the network and throughout the UK and support them in presenting their ideas at local and national events.

YPAGne closed Facebook group

As a way of communicating with the group we have set up a closed Facebook group. This is a private and secure way for members to chat to each other, ask facilitators questions and receive information. The group is monitored by YPAGne facilitators and bullying or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have any questions about our use of social media please do not hesitate to contact us.


Does an adult need to accompany my child?

No. Young people do not need to be accompanied by an adult at YPAGne meetings.

Does my child have to be or have been a patient to be part of YPAG?

No. Some YPAGne members are or have been patients but others have not.

Will my child’s travel costs be paid for?

Yes, we can pay for your child’s travel to and from meetings.