Young People

YPAGne – We are a group of young people who meet once a month to review many different types of research that is aimed at children and young people. NIHR kindly fund our catering and travel expenses.

YPAGne launched in 2015 and currently has over 45 active members aged 13-18. Some of us have experienced care in a hospital setting, some of us have experience of living with a condition or disability but many of us have a general interest in learning about health and research.

We meet on a Thursday evening at the RVI hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. Each meeting has four slots where researchers will present their study and we offer support and feedback. We also take part in other activities, such as quality improvement for wards and departments in the hospital and attend events, symposiums and conferences that promote young person involvement in research.

If you interested in joining the group, complete the consent form below and the group coordinator will contact you shortly.

YPAGne Zoom online meetings – Hints, Tips and Instructions

· You will need a device with internet access in order to access the meeting. You have the option of creating a Zoom account but this is not necessary.

· If you join the meeting as a guest please change your name from ‘guest’ to your name (to do this go to settings, click on your name and display name)

· If possible use a headset (headphones) as this helps to cancel out background noise

· If at any time you need a comfort break just mute your microphone, you don’t need to let the host know.

· Please do not share the meeting link, ID or password with anyone – this is for your safety

· If you do not feel comfortable talking during the meeting please use the chat function to ask questions or offer opinions.

· Think about how much of you we will be able to see in the image, head and shoulders is ideal but if you talk a lot with your hands then maybe set your device a little further back so we can see more of your gestures.

· Try and find a quiet space

· Please do not take screenshots or record the meeting, we may take pictures or record sections just like normal meetings but we will tell you beforehand so you can turn your camera off if you prefer.

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