Zoom Rooms

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NICC Zoom room Numbers


Scheduling a Zoom meeting

Decision Chart for Zoom Rooms - Hosts and Guests.pdf

Using a iPad Controller

Zoom Room iPad Controller - Without Calendar.pdf

Joining from outside a Zoom Room

If a user is joining a meeting with their webcam and microphone:

If a user is joining by using their phone:

  • Call +1-646-876-9923 or +1-669-900-6833 US Toll, and then enter the Meeting ID Number

Recording a Zoom Meeting

In order to record a Zoom Meeting you will need to have one person with a Zoom Pro account bring a laptop to the meeting. They will then need to join the meeting from the laptop and be given Host controls, to do so the following will need to be done:

  • On the iPad the Host will need to select Manage Participants

  • Find the laptop participant in the list

  • Press and hold for a second then release to get a menu

  • Select Make Host from the pop-up menu

The laptop user should then get a notification on Zoom that alerts them that they have been made host. From there they will need to press record from the Zoom Control panel along the bottom of the screen. If you wish to Stop or Pause Recording at any time, select either the Pause or Stop buttons where the Record button was from the Zoom Controls Panel.

When the meeting has concluded, end/leave the meeting and it will automatically stop and save the recording. Once Zoom has come back to the desktop app it should open up a window with your recording (this can take a couple of minutes after the meeting has ended). After that, the person that brought the laptop will be able to access and send out the video as needed.

*If the window does not open to show you your recorded meeting, you will need to go to the settings from the Home Screen of Zoom. Select Recording from the menu on the left, and where it says Local Recording select Open. After that, it will open a window and you may access your recordings*