Sustainable Educator Evaluation and Compensation

The Sustainable Educator Evaluation and Compensation (SEEC) project is designed to help participating school districts implement a comprehensive human capital management system. The design of this system includes more accurate evaluation and targeted professional learning for teachers that will improve classroom instruction and increase student growth.

All districts involved in the SEEC project have adopted a shared vision of instructional improvement with the knowledge that highly effective teachers and leaders make the difference in student achievement.

The SEEC Project includes eight rural school districts in Northeast Florida serving over 49,000 students. SEEC provides resources for districts to improve student growth by helping teachers and principals through targeted support. SEEC focuses on growing and keeping the best teachers.

three educators having a cconversation

Opportunities to learn and grow


Teachers and school leaders have access to the professional learning and coaching support they need to promote student success through the SEEC Project. SEEC also provides opportunities for teachers to work together beyond their districts.

female teacher helping students

Increased academic gains

Parents, Caregivers, and Community

Student progress is the focus of the SEEC Project. Our goals are to improve student academic performance and increase graduation rates, preparing all students for college or a career.

How does SEEC work?

SEEC creates systemic changes in the way teachers are supported, evaluated, and compensated.

SEEC provides more than 20 million dollars over five years directly to participating districts. Grant dollars will be used to support professional learning, fund performance based compensation, and provide teacher support colleagues to participating schools.

What is a Teacher Support Colleague?

A teacher support colleague (TSC) is a highly effective educator who provides ongoing support to classroom teachers to increase student achievement. Support is provided by way of data discussions and goal setting, instructional coaching, professional learning facilitation and support, and professional learning community facilitation. The TSC position is a career ladder position.