NJSD Information & Technology Plan


Welcome to the Neenah Joint School District (NJSD) Information & Technology Plan Site! This site has been designed around the structure of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's vision for digital learning in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Superintendent’s Digital Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) established a shared vision for digital learning in Wisconsin. The DLAC was originally created in 2011 to provide intellectual and practical insights into all aspects of digital learning in Wisconsin and has been updated annually since the original plan. The DLAC was charged with developing a comprehensive plan for PK-12 digital learning in Wisconsin. That vision calls for equitable, personalized, applied, and engaged digital learning for all students.

As Wisconsin school districts implement this vision, they are encouraged to consider the following areas:

These five components, or "gears", are used as organizational headings to better align the NJSD Information and Technology Plan with goals set by Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The skillful and equitable use of technology can transform the way teaching and learning happens in classrooms for Neenah Joint School District (NJSD). Digital tools can enhance student learning as they connect what students should know and be able to do, as well as help students and educators assess progress toward achieving academic goals. To meet the needs of today's students and to ensure they are college and career ready, schools are encouraged to be innovative in providing student learning experiences, adopting technologies and instruction in ways which meaningfully engage the digital generation. As a result, students at NJSD will have equitable opportunities to have teachers who are trained to provide those digital opportunities using Instructional Technology Best Practices.

NJSD Technology Department is focused on supporting our schools in preparing every student for college, career, military service and/or community contributions. Historically there have been multiple Information & Technology Plans, the latest being approved in June 2014. Necessarily, these plans were written to have a focus on hardware, software, and professional development targeted on how to use the hardware, software, and new "apps". We continue to learn more about the importance of focusing of the “why” of instructional technology. This learning has encouraged Instructional Technology to create a Technology Plan with goals tied to instructional practices, student learning and foundational technology applications as the reason for our investments.

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