Intro to CAD


Are you a MAKER? This class if for YOU!

1/2 Credit Course - 1 Trimester in length - Open to grades 9-12

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The objective of this course is to use a handsā€on approach to introduce the basic concepts of Drafting around a focus on Robotics. Information presented in class will be applied to designing a variety of robotic systems and components during the trimester, resulting in a working mobile robot. We will be designing parts on the computer and then constructing those parts using prototyping equipment. Students who successfully complete this course will have learned and applied; 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design & Drafting, Basic Dimensioning & Tolerancing, Programming using Scratch, Operation of a Laser Engraver, Operation of 3D Printers, and Operation of a Raspberry Pi Microcontroller.

In this introductory course, students dabble in various concepts from CAD, Prototyping, and programming. The culminating project for this course is to design, create the parts, assemble to robot, and program it to move. Shown to the right is a student completed robot from the Intro to CAD class. Students will use both the Laser Engraver and the 3D printers to complete numerous assignments in class - as well as the final robot.