PLTW's Introduction to Engineering Design

1 Credit Course - 2 Trimesters in length - Open to grades 9-12 - (College Credit thru MSOE eligible)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: IED is an introductory course that develops student’s problem‐solving and critical thinking skills through the application of 3D Computer Modeling/CAD. IED emphasizes the design‐development process of a product and how a product model is produced, analyzed, and evaluated. Projects in IED 1 include; Children’s Block Toy, Desktop Organizer and Lego Products. Concepts explored include; Multiview drawings, dimensioning, section views, parametric modeling and design for manufacturing. Students may also use 3D printers to create one of the projects in class. IED 2 begins to extend and challenge student’s in their knowledge of the Autodesk Inventor software to design more in‐depth projects through the Engineering Design Process. Projects in IED 2 include; Animated Train, Reverse Engineering, & an Independent Project. Concepts explored include: Auxiliary views, advanced dimensioning (GD&T), animations, and product assemblies. Students are eligible for MSOE College Credit upon successful completion of this course (70% Class & 80% Exam).Students must register for IED 1 & 2.

UNIT: Getting Started - Puzzle Cube Toy: In this first unit, students will begin to apply the Engineering Design Process with our Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software and a hands on project. The Puzzle Cube consists of 27 individual wooden blocks, glued into 5 assemblies that fit together.

UNIT: Engineering Design Process - Desktop Organizer: In this unit, students will take steps 1-8 of the EDP and solve the problem, "My desk is a mess" through designing and 3D printing a personalized Desktop Organizer. Each student will print their own product in the class to take home after graded.

UNIT: Parametric Modeling - Legos & Trains: In these units, we will use mathematical equations to model in our CAD software to create parts that are adaptable. One of the projects will be to animate a kids toy train on CAD to chug around a track on it's own. Another project will be to draw and create a lego assembly instruction guide for little kids.

Listed above are "some" of the units and projects completed in the Introduction to Engineering Design Course at Watertown High School, though more are covered including; Reverse Engineering, Independent Project, and more.