PLTW's Computer Integrated Manufacturing

1 Credit Course - 2 Trimesters in length - Open to grades 10-12 - (Pre-Requisite: IED or Intro to CAD)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students learn how to program and operate the CNC Mills and ABB Robot in the Manufacturing Lab. Through the use of Autodesk Inventor and MasterCam software packages, students design projects and make them out of aluminum. First trimester of CIM, students learn the use of G‐Code, Programming, general set‐up of the machines, and operation of the equipment. Projects on the CNC Mills in this trimester may include; Drop Out Coaster and a Chocolate Mold. Projects on the Robot this trimester may include; Golf Ball Game and Coaster Sort program. In this 2nd half of CIM, we will look at more Logic based programming of the ABB Robot, as well as better use of tooling and programming operations on the CNC’s. Students will also be introduced to the Haas ST‐10 CNC Lathe. Projects in CIM2 may include: Plastic Injection Mold, Spinning Top, a Mass Production Unit on the CNC’s, and on the robot; Sorting the Coasters and programming a Gum Vending Machine. Students are eligible for MSOE College Credit upon successful completion of this course (70% Class & 80% Exam). Students must register for CIM 1 & 2.Students must register for CIM 1 & 2.

CNC Machining: The bulk of the CIM course will be learning and using our HAAS CNC Mills and CNC Lathe in the lab. Students will be applying their skills using Autodesk Inventor software (CAD) towards the goal of machining parts on our CNC's in the Metals Lab. Students will learn CAM software (Mastercam) and how to use and operate the Haas equipment.

Video to the right is from Titans of CNC on youtube showing examples of the CNC Machining process.

ROBOTICS: Students will be learning to program and operate an ABB Robotic Cell in the Metals Lab. Various programs will be completed from; Pick-n-Place programs and Logic programming where the robot makes decisions.

As seen in the video on the right, the robot is picking up coasters and sorting them by material. There are 4 coasters (2 plastic & 2 Aluminum).