PLTW's Engineering Design & Development

1 Credit Course - 2 Trimesters in length - Open to grades 11-12 - (Pre-Requisite: 2 PLTW Courses - IED, POE, CIM, DE)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: EDD is the “Capstone” course for the Pre‐Engineering courses. Students will be applying their previous courses towards a large scale yearlong project. As a class, students will research, design, prototype and present on a deep engineered project. Utilizing past lessons, equipment and community mentors, students will apply their skills in this course. During the second trimester of EDD, students will begin prototyping their designs, raising and spending funds for their prototypes, and presenting on their findings to a panel of Engineers. In EDD2, students bring to life their designs to product. Students must register EDD 1 & 2.


The following pictures are showing the final project from an EDD Team at WHS - where students designed a new Cell Phone Charger that would coil up chords for 3 chargers in 1 unit for compact design.